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Automotive Coating Market Opportunity Analysis and Growth Strategy

29 Apr 2020 | Thailand

Providing Market Opportunity Analysis and Growth Strategy for a Chemical MNC in Thailand


Providing market opportunity analysis and growth strategy for a chemical MNC in Thailand.


Our client, a Western MNC, the world leader in its industry, willing to understand current market segmentation, size, competition, future trends, and pricing positioning in automotive refinish coatings in Thailand to prepare its future marketing strategy. The client wanted to have a detailed analysis of the refinish coating market, including market dynamics (size, market growth by segment), distribution channel analysis, competitive review.

automotive refinish coatings in Thailand


Our team built strategy for the client to put in place in order to increase growth and turnover. Based on comprehensive market knowledge, we advised the client with the most appropriate growth strategy in that year.


YCP Solidiance helped the client by analyzing each stakeholder’s influence on the market: end-users buying decision processes, distribution channels strategies for each market player, price positioning benchmarking for each type of coatings in the market, best and worst practices in service, promotion, and advertising among leading industry players. We gathered good insights on clients' performance against the competition, capabilities to fulfill market needs, strengths, and weaknesses/points to improve.

Engagement ROI

This study gave our client very detailed information on the refinish coating market in Thailand. That was important as before our assignment, market segmentation was unclear, current trends and competitors’ practices not always known. In addition, price positioning across all segments was also an area where the client was needful of information. Based on solid facts, our strategy recommendation gained solid support both at the country and the regional level. We explained how to increase profit on some product lines, and how it should be done. Following this study, we got asked to repeat this assignment in another country in the region.

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