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Customer Research

Learn about customer habits and spending to help you strategize your approach in the Southeast Asian market

Customer Research

Market Research Thailand conducts customer research to help businesses identify what their consumers want. We digest preferences, motivations, attitudes, and buying behaviors to support clients in strategizing how to tap the market and keep customers. We will find out the current rate of customer satisfaction for your competitors so you can address these gaps and become the market leader in your industry.

The team will identify consumer demographics, social trends, needs, expectations, and attitudes toward your company and your competitors. By analyzing this data, we will come up with insights that will help you determine how, why, and when your current and potential customers buy your products. Our research will provide you with an accurate picture of your target market.

Thailand Customer Research

We help businesses reduce risks through a thorough understanding of consumer behaviors derived from the most accurate evidence-based insights for customer research. Our professionals will make sure you gain a deeper understanding of consumers' wants and motivations and harness these insights by applying it to your decision-making for your business activities.

The team at Market Research Thailand will gather timely and reliable data about your target market, covering trends, challenges, and opportunities that we collect and interpret from customer information. Our relevant findings and actionable recommendations will allow you to improve your business development and marketing strategies, addressing customer needs and leveraging market potential.

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Other Case Studies

  • Automotive Glass Manufacture in Thailand

    Automotive Glass Competitive Analysis in Thailand

    Creating competitor benchmarking with main OEM carmakers for a leading global manufacturer of automotive glass.

  • automotive coating market opportunity

    Automotive Coating Market Opportunity Analysis and Growth Strategy

    Providing market opportunity analysis and growth strategy for a chemical MNC in Thailand. This study gave our client very detailed information on the refinish coating market in Thailand.

  • specialized chemical ingredients

    Market Potential Validation for Specialized Chemical Ingredients

    Investing chemical ingredients for a Japanese MNC to validate the demand of products and sales potential in the ASEAN region.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

See how we make impacts to our clients through evidence-based insights and strategy recommendations.

Case Studies
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Read Our Insights

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